Rosie Corona

Personal Information

  • Phone: (800) 541-3244
  • Experience: 15 Years
  • Areas of Practice: Personal Injury

Ms. Corona has more than 15 years of experience in plaintiffs Personal Injury. She has been with Carrazco Law A.P.C. for over six years. 


She works closely with our clients and under the direction of Mr. Carrazco.


Her passion is helping people throughout their personal injury claim and walks them confidently through each step in the process. She ensures their needs are heard, and they receive the support they need during difficult times. At Carrazco Law, A.P.C. we make sure all clients are protected even from their own insurance companies and receive the settlement that their case is worth.


The Prelitigation department has won millions of dollars in settlement compensation for our injured clients.


In addition to handling prelitigation for Carrazco Law, Rosie also serves as Carrazco Law’s
liaison for the Mexican Consulate of Santa Ana and San Bernardino. Rosie has worked directly
with the Consulate on behalf of Carrazco Law since 2018. She visits both consulates on a
weekly basis, assisting on Carrazco Law’s behalf with Mexican nationals in need of legal
services. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of potential cases is instrumental in
helping these people find the legal resources they require in their time of need.