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Hi there. My name is Angel Carrazco and I am here to serve everyone of you. I am a native from California and I know what your needs are. I formed Carrazco Law. Originally I went to Law School at Loyola and then come over here and decided to serve my own community. Carrazco Law was formed with several goals in mind. One of them is to provide a voice to those that can not be heard. We will be your voice, we will provide that voice. The second is to make sure we serve the underserved. Everyone of you that can not afford an attorney, hire us! We are based on a contingency, which means that you don’t have to pay us anything. If we don’t win we don’t get paid. Finally, what I am very proud is that we have changed the law of the Ninth Circuit. And we can do that for you, if it is required. Please, call us for a FREE CONSULTATION!



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